Personal finance management tool - Quicken 2019 Review

Quicken is one of the oldest and best known budgeting and personal finance software.

Quicken 2019 Features

In 2019, Quicken's long-awaited and biggest new feature is web access from any computer. Now you can manage your finances from several computers and from different places (previously, Quicken was accessible only on the computer on which the software was downloaded).

There are some features missing from the Quicken web version, but you can view balances and transactions, view budgets and accounts, and track current investments and spending trends on the Internet.

The new version has the following corrections and additions:

  • Quicken startup and download time for Mac, compared with previous versions;
  • Edits to improve user experiences;
  • Ability to send reports by email directly from Quicken.

But the best new Quicken feature is the ability to set up mobile accounts. This makes it possible to receive alerts and notifications. For example, alerts for upcoming bills. If you are organizing your financial life, it may be useful to place them all in one place.

Quicken Pricing

Already a few versions ago, Quicken has been using a membership pricing model. This means that you automatically receive updates when renewing your membership.

In 2019, prices for various Quicken models are as follows:

  • Quicken Starter: $ 34.99
  • Quicken Deluxe: $ 44.99
  • Quicken Premier: $ 67.99
  • Quicken for home and business: $ 89.99

What are the fundamental differences between these subscription options? Here are the main features of each version:

Starter: designed for basic budgeting and managing your accounts. You can synchronize your bank accounts for automatic budgeting.

Deluxe: An improved version for beginners. You can fully customize your budget, and manage and track your debt. You can also create savings goals.

Premier: Includes free online bill payment, access to priority customer support, and options to help you with your taxes and investments

For home and business: For business owners - tracking personal and business expenses, sending individual invoices by email with links to payments from Quicken, as well as tracking business profits and losses.

Quicken - time-tested software in the field of budgeting and financial management. This software provides almost all the necessary opportunities for financial management, including managing both budgets and investments.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time managing your finances, Quicken is an excellent solution to all tasks.

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